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A Key towards the QBCA and the CBCA

The team at CRAC is proud to present its QBCA and CBCA Keys (Québec Business Corporations Act and Canada Business Corporations Act). These USB Keys with a capacity of 2 GB contains useful documents that allow you to complete your minute book. On this memory stick, you will find:

  1. our model of By-Laws, in accordance with the QBCA and the CBCA;
  2. our share certificate template that you can use to fill out blank share certificates with border only;
  3. our new model of resolutions of organization in Word format, which allows you to adjust the formatting according to your needs;
  4. all the registers found in the minute book in PDF version that you can complete on your computer and print on our special minute book paper;
  5. an order form for our corporate accessories; and
  6. 3 virtual coupons for the purchase of a minute book at $44 (without the coupon, the price for the customers with the key ranges between $75.27 and $82.99).

A complete Key that you will be able to use for all your files and a memory stick that still holds space for your own documents!

Everything is available in English or French for both Québec and Federal legislation.

Key to a preferential price list
This Key gives you access to a preferential price list. By purchasing the first Key at the price of $208.50 the extra key will cost you only $106.50 (+taxes), you will obtain substantial rebates on our corporate accessories and other services. These special prices will be applicable to the account linked with the purchase of the Key and will be offered until December 31, 2020.

Furthermore, if any modifications or updates are made to the Key, the changes will be sent to you for free by email, until December 31, 2020.

Email us at expedition@crac.com or call us at (514) 587-6725 to order a copy of our Key.